"Charlie Schwartz  helped us sell our family home at 3 Stones Throw Road in Wilmington. It was a very emotional time. My mother, two brothers and I were selling the only home in Delaware we had ever shared.

After my father died, mom did her best to maintain the house. Meanwhile, my brothers and I were all raising families many miles away and always felt bad the we couldn't visit more often to help out.

When we finally decided to have mom move to a condo close to me, it was easy to choose a Realtor. My father had always spoken highly of Charlie’s dad (who helped found Patterson-Schwartz.) We also knew that Charlie Schwartz II had successfully handled the sale of our good friend’s house at 6 Stones Throw Road.

He instilled confidence in us right away. From our first meeting through the closing process, Charlie’s unique insight, experience and strategies were much appreciated.

As we drove back to Vermont, we talked about how thankful we were that we had such a capable, courteous and professional Realtor by our side. Charlie had the knowledge to help us make the right decisions and the authority to make things happen. And we didn’t pay a penny more than we would have paid a less experienced agent!

Tom Doud
Colchester, Vermont

Dear Charlie,

"Thank you so much for all your help selling Ernie’s house, and for your kind notes & gifts since then. I am sorry to be so slow to acknowledge your thoughtfulness. After the house sold my brain became frozen on the subject and has only now thawed out! Post partum something - perhaps I think I was more emotionally drained than I acknowledged.

Steve & I are both so grateful for the excellent job you did and all the many hours of time you invested on our/Ernie’s behalf. He does not know it, but I bet Martha saw you being so good to her husband. Where you found the patience, I do not know.

Thank you too for the pictures you sent of the work being done by the new owners! What a huge smile they gave me! And thank you for the blankets. Ernie smiles when he sees it & remembers the landmark and is very touched when I tell him it’s from you. He keeps it on his chair.

Best of luck as you soldier on in this tough economy. Don’t know if we’ll be back in Delaware any time soon, but if so, we hope to see you! Feel free to call on us as a reference."

With much gratitude,
Susan & Steve Price

Dear Charlie,

"I'm forever grateful for your newsletters. First, they reflect your excellent knowledge of the market and also, you are so honest and straight forward in your real estate business. Second to me of course, they are "letters from home". Also the greeting cards are so beautiful.

Thank you so much for the above and for your friendship. Very best wishes to you for a Happy Holiday with family and friends."

Olga Albone

Dear Charlie,

"What a surprise to have you arrive yesterday with your gift!  As we said, all your wonderful help was a great gift to us.  We were grateful for your sticking with us with your wonderful communication keeping us up to speed on whatever was happening or not happening.

Your knowledge, your kindness and thoughtfulness were greatly appreciated during this long process - to say nothing of your fine sense of humor!

The Delaware blanket will remind us of all these things. It looks lovely on our living room sofa - a perfect color. Thank you so much.

We wish you much success and happiness always and hope that we will see you not infrequently in the future."

All the best,
Ed, Ginger & Connie Cluff